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The Gable 
   The Gable is simple classic shed with a lot wall space and a low profile roof line. The Gable features 6 1/2' sidewalls and a 4/12 roof pitch. This shed is shorter and less expensive than The Cottage. Doors  can be placed on the side or the end of the shed. The Gable is a nice addition to any yard. 
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10x10 Gable with Octagon Window 
12x16 Gable with Single door and 2 windows and Ramp 
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10x12 Gable with window                            
Gable Inside View
Sheds come primed. Painting is additional ,  Paint & Trim two Colors Add 15%.
10x12 Gable          
8x10 Gable                                      
10x12 Gable with ramp                            
8x12 Gable with Transom windows          
8x10 Gable with Window                  
The Gable Price List        
 8 1/2' Tall    6 1/2' Sidewalls,                                       
                       Plywood Siding                                        Quality we put into every Shed:
8x6                   $1,400                                                  4x4 Pressure Treated Runners 
8x8                   $1,500                                   2x4 Pressure Treated Floor Joists 12" on Center
8x10                 $1,700                                        3/4"DRY PLY Lifetime Plywood Floor T&G
8x12                 $1,900                                                        2x4 Framing 24" on center
8x14                 $2,100                                                        Duratemp Plywood Siding 
8x16                 $2,300                                              7/16" OSB roof Sheathing with drip edge 
          9' Tall                                                             25 Year 3 tab or 35 Year dimensional Shingles 
10x8                  $1,700
10x10                $1,900                                               Common Additions: 
10x12                $2,100                              18x27 Window (White or Brown)$70
10x14                $2,300                 
10x16                $2,500                                           16" deep  Shelf $25
10x20                $3,000
      9 1/2' Tall                                                    Pressure treated Ramp $125
12x12                $2,500                                   
12x14                $2,800                                  
12x16                $3,000  
12x20                $3,600
12x24                $4,200                                                      
All Building Prices include Delivery and Installation.
Custom and Larger sizes available upon request.Prices Subject to change without notice.
8x10 Gable with Transom windows