Alum Creek Sheds Playhouses

Playhouses are available in two Models.The Classic Playhouses & The Cain Playhouse.  Both include a Childs size split Door, An Adult Door, 2 kids windows with screens, & a Play loft with ladder inside. All prices include Delivery & Installation.

All materials are the same as our high quality sheds. 
4x4 Presure treated runners
2x4 Pressure treated floor joists 12" on Center
3/4" Dryply lifetime plywood floor 
Duratemp plywood Siding 
2x4 frame 24" on center
7/16"roof sheathing with Drip edge 
25 year 3-tab or 35 year Dimensional shingles 

The Classic Playhouse                                  The Cabin Playhouse 
                                                                                    (size includes 3' deep porch)
                                   Paint & Trim                                                         Paint & Trim 
8x8      $1,800                 Add  $270                 

8x10    $2,000                 Add  $300                  10x10      $2,500            Add  $375    

8x12    $2,200                 Add  $330                  10x12      $2,800            Add  $420

10x12  $2,500                 Add  $375

     Play loft with ladder is standard. Flower Boxes for windows are additional $25 each.

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8x10 Classic Playhouse                10x10 Cabin Playhouse    
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